Women and gambling. How the casino audience is changing



For a long time, gambling was considered the prerogative of the strong half of humanity, like hunting and strong alcohol. This has been confirmed by research. In the 2000s, the female audience at online casinos was only 14%. Then the girls were more fond of casual projects, leaving aside gambling for money. However, times have changed, and now the number of women in the gambling area is almost equal to the number of men betting. For example, in New Zealand, 80% of both sexes are gamblers; in the UK, 44% of women and 53% of men play. The Internet has made casinos available in every home, and mobile technology has made it possible to shorten the time for gambling in almost any situation. Yet women’s attitudes towards video slot and roulette are different from men’s approaches to games.

Preferred entertainment

According to the company DeltaDNA surveys, the most significant growth in the female audience at the casino is observed when accessing the sites from mobile devices. While women appear in ground clubs more as companions of their men or as hunters for the rich, everything changes radically in the Internet space. Among those who use Apple’s premium devices, 34% are actively playing women and 27% are men. At the same time, 73% of men prefer to bet on sports, and 60% of ladies called online bingo their favorite entertainment.

Marketing research suggests that women are more willing to open up games with familiar mechanics and themes, while men are attracted to new and unknown things. In real life as well, the beautiful half of humanity acts as custodians of traditions. Women prefer video slot and bingo based on popular series, TV shows and movies. The eye clings to the picture, and the product instantly becomes interesting. They are also more responsive to free bonuses and promotions, which is why special offers advertising brings more women to the casino.

Responsible approach

An unexpected fact was that the ladies spend more time on the sites of virtual gambling establishments, but spend less money on games. Often girls choose the average option between gambling and regular online gaming. They often run demo versions of slot machines and constitute the main audience of social casinos – 79% of the total number of gambleers. According to research, users are kept here by the mechanics of progress. Almost 65% of visitors cited this reason as the main reason for restarting games.


A woman visits the casino to feel the spirit of excitement and new emotions. Men are looking for pleasure in control, power and opportunities to win. Beautiful sex is interested in simple entertainment. That’s why they prefer scratch cards, bingoes and video slots to card games that require knowledge and skills. Although this trend is already in decline. Favorites for women are increasingly slot machines and sports betting. Online operators say that the audience of poker players is increasingly filled with beautiful sex.

It may seem strange, but among the girls-gamblers a significant percentage of those who will never choose the game with a “cute design in the pink color scheme”. The woman wants to be a full-fledged player, so the stereotypes about “mommy” and the keeper of the hearth are no longer relevant. Beautiful half of humanity turns to gambling, to forget about household chores for a while. The opportunity to win turns out to be far from the most common motivation. In the first place is the desire to get your portion of entertainment.